We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV advertising brings the benefits of programmatic to TV advertising to reach highly-engaged audiences and create a big-screen experience. From near-instant reporting on campaigns to placing ads on streaming services like Hulu and targeting millennials who make up the majority of cord-cutter households. Connected TV advertising gives marketers an efficient channel for reaching TV viewers.

Connected TV ads will soon be the preferred method of advertising over traditional TV. Get a jumpstart on your connected TV strategies today!

What is Connected TV Advertising?

Connected TV (CTV) is any television that’s connected to the internet. Connected TV advertising is the placement of ads on connected TV devices like Roku, SlingTV, AppleTV, Amazon Fire and DIRECTV OnDemand.

How it works.

bPUBLIC sources CTV ad placements through private marketplaces. We have access to a pre-negotiated library with details on placement, dimensions, price dimensions, price floors, and geographic availability of the placements available for purchase. Unlike traditional TV advertising, connected TV advertising enables data-driven targeting of customers and their households in real-time that can be used to extend the reach of your traditional TV campaigns or digital advertising campaigns.

  • Targeting Options with Connected TV● Household Targeting. Use geolocation, first-party data, and third-party data to target your most valuable viewers and households.● Extend Your Reach. Enable cross-device targeting to retarget households that have seen your ad across all their devices. ● Optimize with Expanded Metrics. View your performance alongside all your other digital campaigns with the same metrics, impressions, geolocation, CPM, win rate, as well as connected TV specific metrics like cross-device attribution and video completion rates.

  • Types of Connected TVsInternet-connected TV, through consoles, sticks, or smart TVs, delivers streaming content on any device alongside premium, professionally produced content similar to watching a traditional TV commercial.

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    Build AwarenessConnected TV is best used for awareness campaigns with a reach goal as most streaming devices do not allow for users to click-through. When evaluating the performance of your campaign, the number of impressions corresponds to the households or devices served, rather than the users served, with each household containing multiple users.

Connected TV advertising is a perfect awareness component for a well-rounded, full-funnel campaign.


● Device Types: Desktop, mobile, tablet, connected TV● Target by geographic location/region/city, etc.


Internet-connected TV, through consoles, sticks, or smart TVs.