We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Contextual Category Targeting

Advertise on related or relevant websites your customers are visiting with contextual category targeting. With this strategy, you can bid on ad inventory on specific categories of websites and mobile apps.

What is Contextual Category Targeting?

A strategy that allows you to target sites belonging to specific categories. How a website is categorized is defined by the publisher.

How it works.

bPUBLIC sources CTV ad placements through private marketplaces. We have access to a pre-negotiated library with details on placement, dimensions, price dimensions, price floors, and geographic availability of the placements available for purchase. Unlike traditional TV advertising, connected TV advertising enables data-driven targeting of customers and their households in real-time that can be used to extend the reach of your traditional TV campaigns or digital advertising campaigns.

  • Available Categories
    From sports to finance, there are numerous site categories with ad inventory on which you can bid. More specific subcategories are available. For example, a subcategory for “Sports” is “Sports - College Sports.”

  • Include & Exclude CategoriesWe can include one or more categories to target at the ad group level of the campaign setup. We can also exclude the categories on which you don’t want to bid.

  • Notes & Best PracticesWhile there isn’t a data CPM for contextual category targeting, you will be charged a fee for the media placement.