We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

CRM Onboarding & Targeting

First-party data is a marketer’s most valuable asset. Customer relationship management (CRM) data is a type of first-party data collected directly from consumer—say, for example, business addresses or an email list of newsletter subscribers, that can be used for CRM targeting strategies. With our CRM Onboarding tool, you can take your best asset and employ it in a CRM targeting strategy to re-engage your audience and retarget at scale.

What is CRM Onboarding?

The CRM Onboarding tool allows you to bring offline data online to uncover your most valuable users and create highly-targeted custom audiences.

What is CRM Targeting?

CRM targeting allows you to activate onboarded data within a campaign to target people who are already engaged with your brand. You can also layer on additional targeting tactics like third-party data.

  • How It WorksCRM records get processed using a deterministic matching model and leveraging a user database of over 1 billion devices and 250 million unique users. This results in a high degree of confidence that user profiles in your custom audience are the unique individuals listed in your CRM list.
    CRM onboarding can use a combination of the following identifiers: email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers. These can be both personally-identifiable or anonymous data points such as MD5 hashed files for email addresses.