We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Cross Device Targeting

Your audience is on multiple devices, so why not your ads, too? Cross-device targeting is the use of data to expand your custom audience and reach the same consumers across all their devices, whether it’s on desktop, tablet, or mobile. This tactic increases the amount of biddable inventory for your audience in programmatic auctions, expands your reporting to see all tactics that contributed to a conversion, and creates a more holistic advertising campaign for your end consumers.

What is Cross-Device Targeting?

Cross-device targeting matches your custom audience on other devices to unlock added inventory when enabled at the campaign-level with an added CPM. You also receive expanded conversion tracking across all ad groups.

  • How it worksOur cross-device targeting empowers you to find consumers on their desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, thereby ensuring you know when a customer converts on a secondary device. Our crossdevice targeting also empowers you to find your first and third-party data audiences on their additional devices and expand the inventory available for your digital advertising campaigns.
    This tactic is powered by our identity resolution, which provides privacy-safe identity graphs containing anonymized user data. These identity graphs help you match target users from your custom audience to all other devices they use.


Appear on the devices your prospects are watching on, whether their TV, laptop, desktop, or mobile device!