We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Location-Based Targeting

Location-based targeting tactics like geofencing, geoframing, and geolocation targeting allow you to reach your target audience based on where they are. By leveraging these tactics, you can increase your brand's visibility, compete with larger brands, and capture the attention of your target audience at the right place and at the right time.

What is Location-based Targeting??

Location-based targeting tactics include geofencing, geoframing, and geolocation targeting.
Geofencing allows you to draw a virtual fence around a location and serve ads to mobile device users inside that geo-fenced area.Geoframing collects mobile device IDs from users who have entered a predefined location at a specific time and allows you to target those users later on after they’ve left. Geolocation targeting allows you to target countries, cities, neighborhoods, or regions by postal code.

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    GeofencingGeofencing works by establishing a virtual fence around a specific location. As an added layer of accuracy, geofencing providers validate the exactness of each ad’s placement by requesting the device location data before an impression is served. Geofences can be built from location names, types, postcodes, designated market areas, businesses, and more. 

  • GeoframingGeoframing providers use mobile service carrier and device ID data to create pools of users for custom audience targeting and Device ID Retargeting. Geoframes are defined by building a radius around your targeted locations. 


Target prospects in any given state, zip code, city, street, building...