We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Native Advertising

Increase digital ad engagement with content you’ve already created. Position your brand as a trusted source by creating organic experiences for audiences interacting with native content. Native advertising describes an online advertising experience where branded messages fit seamlessly within their surrounding environment, engaging audiences rather than disrupting the user experience.
Since native ads are designed to blend into a publisher’s webpage, the content-focused approach allows marketers to leverage blogs, articles, and whitepaper downloads to drive new customers through the marketing funnel.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising aims to entice customers with informative content that directs them to relevant materials and engage further with a brand.

How it works.

  • How It WorksNative advertising is a creative asset type that includes a header, body copy, and an image. When a native ad is programmatically bought, the fields are placed in an ad unit stylized by the publisher so that it fits seamlessly into the context and design of the publisher’s website. Native ad units are often listed as a promoted or sponsored post.
    Incorporating native ads into an existing bPUBLIC campaign takes less than five minutes and can increase your click-through rates by two to three times that of a display asset. You can easily leverage the powerful first and third-party data audiences, keyword lists, or contextual targeting parameters established for your other ad groups to refine the targeting of your native ads and drive maximum impact.
    This is a good targeting tactic for demand-generation in B2C campaigns with long sales cycles or B2B campaigns.