We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!



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Don't Outspend Them. Outsmart Them!




Don't Outspend Them. Outsmart Them!

We identify your IDEAL PROSPECTS & retarget them EVERYWHERE.

Appear on Search, Social Media, News Portals, Streaming TV, Radio & more...


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We Know Your Future Customers, By Name!

    We know who visits your website and clicks your ads - by name.
    We know the precise identities of who visits your competitors' websites.
    We know who searches keywords that pertain to your product or service.
    We know who's looking for B2B and B2C solutions.
    We know just about everything about your ideal customer—their name, address, email, phone number, social media profiles—if they recently pulled credit—even if they own their home (and so much more).
Ads campaign

Boost Sales 2-3 x's with ID Resolution Re-Activation Sequences

In the example above, we boost e-commerce sales more than 3 x's.
1. 1,000 people land on the website to view a $100 product.2. The site has a 3% conversion rate (30 sales producing $3,000 in revenue).3. 97% (970) of the visitors remain completely anonymous.4. We resolve 40% of the 970 to identify 388 visitors.5. We can now email and advertise to the people we resolved with our re-activation sequence. 6. 20% convert into a sale (that's 77 people).7. This equals $7,700 in extra sales for our client.
Every year, advertisers waste BILLIONS in ad spend... roughly $16 billion dollars!
The average website only converts at a rate around 2.58%. Meaning advertisers spend $16 billion on traffic that doesn't convert. What’s worse, no one knows the actual identities of these visitors. They are anonymous. But don't worry. That's one of the problems we solve.
Our "Identity Resolution" tech locates anonymous visitors in our Identity Graph database, where we store massive amounts of data on billions of people. Our pixel cross-references your visitors to resolve the identity of each.
How does this help you? Let’s say Bill is on your website viewing information about your offer. Unfortunately, he becomes distracted and leaves your site before opting-in or providing any details.
With our tracking code installed, the second Bill lands on your website it will reference his hardware ID (the serial number for his computer or mobile device) and finds that information in our Identify Graph. If he is in our database (and he most likely is), we will resolve his identity and send you his information (email address, phone number, etc.) for retargeting. That way you can continue the conversation with Bill on a variety of platforms and channels.

Our Identity Resolution Re-Activation Sequence works to re-convert your anonymous visitors into hot leads and cool cash.

Ad Platforms

We pipe your leads to each platform in real-time for re-targeting everywhere.

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    Google Ads

    Typically, Google will represent a large percentage of your overall ad spend. Google is a high-value company because it generates high-quality leads. But, if you don't know what you are doing, Google Ads can get very expensive very quickly. You need to know things like what keywords to target and how to structure your ad copy. You also need to get the landing page properly designed to present your offer in the most compelling light. Of course, there's enough information about running AdWords campaigns to fill a bookshelf, but you don't have to read them because you have us.

  • Bing Ads campaign

    Microsoft Ads

    Microsoft Advertising has approximately 35% less competition than Google Ads, meaning clicks are cheaper, and advertisers get more bang for their buck. The average cost-per-click on Bing Ads can be 70% lower than AdWords. A recent study found that, in the automotive industry, CPCs were 32.5% lower on Bing than Google, and in the insurance industry, numbers were 59.2% lower. Of course, you could always choose to advertise on Bing, instead of Google, but we recommend combining them. Doing so only increases your campaign's effectiveness.

  • fb Ads campaign


    Whether you like it or not, Facebook is the foundation of what we call "social media." In fact, Facebook and Google account for 54.1% of all digital ad spending (including Instagram and Youtube, respectively). For that reason, we regard Facebook and Instagram as the number 1 and 2 channels to get the most ROI from your social media ad spend. When polled, more than 40% of marketers named Facebook as the channel that works best, compared with 30% who said Instagram.

  • Instagram Ads campaign


    Did you know that 90% of Instagram users follow a business? In addition, did you know businesses are responsible for a whopping 1/3 of the most viewed stories? Not only that, but Instagram extends your organic reach beyond Facebook. Nevertheless, to grow your business on Instagram requires more than just posting cool pictures. Success demands an ad strategy that capitalizes on what is working, getting the most saves, likes, comments, etc., while actively targeting your ideal customers and prospects.

  • YouTube Ads campaign


    Thanks to its massive size, YouTube is a major source of advertising traffic and leads. If you make videos for your business, getting them exposure on YouTube is relatively easy. But to get the most out of each video, you will need to excel at crafting the perfect thumbnail, writing an attention-grabbing title, as well as a compelling description. This goes for your ads on YouTube, too. The video for your ad should also be great, so long as making tons of money is your goal.

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    TikTok promises to be a very popular place for the foreseeable future. Today's Internet culture is being driven with TikTok's short-form video format, providing 40% higher detail memory than a TV ad, and 29% higher than other digital video formats. Even if you laughed at TikTok before, it's no laughing matter now. When it comes to making huge profits, ignore this fast-rising juggernaut at your peril.

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    Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that connects people to their friends and world. With Snapchat Ads, you can reach a global audience to drive meaningful results. Reach the Snapchat Generation by interest, behavior, location, and more. Did you know, on average, that 347 million people use Snapchat every day? Or did you know that Snapchat reaches 75% of millennials and Generation Z? In fact, Snapchatters spend over 30 minutes on the platform daily. No matter its size or objectives, your business can use Snapchat Ads to reach your intended audience and achieve your goals.

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    Pinterest is the only platform where ads are addictive. While "Pinners" use the platform to find what they love, you can use it to grow your business. You can increase awareness for your brand as you grow your reach and get more traffic to view your content. As a result, Pinterest advertisers achieve 2.3 times more efficient cost per conversion than typical social media and a two times higher return on ad spend for retail brands. We can also target your Pinterest ads by demographics, interests, and your customer/lead list, reaching those who've already engaged with your brand.

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    The preferred social network for business professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to reach B2B prospects so your businesses can scale. Find a one-of-a-kind audience by engaging 60 million decision-makers and 30 million companies. Reach intent-driven members with precise targeting and drive high-quality leads with ad formats that make it easy to engage and convert your ideal customers.

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    Connected TV / Podcasts

    Besides just running YouTube ads, we can place your commercials for television viewers who watch from Internet-connected Smart TVs and streaming platforms (Apple TV, Amazon Prime TV, Google TV, Hulu, etc.). In addition, we connect your brand to over 200 data and inventory partners worldwide, leveraging over four billion audience profiles across 30,000 data publishers to reach your perfect audience on TV or even on the world's most popular podcasts!

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    Publisher Display Ads

    We can run your campaigns across 500+ platforms to reach your prospects, plus we monitor that data to attain a holistic view of your campaign and continually improve. Our retargeting and brand awareness ads make billions of correct choices every day. We use AI to do what even the savviest marketers cannot. Our powerful machine learning makes thousands of predictions per second to attract the right customers to your site and get them buying. Our dedicated experts create and execute personalized growth strategies to help you hit your KPI goals and return consistent revenue.

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Future-Forward Advertising with Multi-Channel Integration

Our unwavering objective: propel your business sales forward. Our strategies are crafted with precision around this central goal, employing advanced marketing techniques synonymous with the future.

Envision a digital multi-channel integrated approach that shifts your investments from traditional offline campaigns to more quantifiable and accessible online channels. Capitalize on key seasonal or topical trends and amplify demand for your round-the-clock marketing activities.
Adopt a multi-channel approach to elevate outcomes, such as boosting e-commerce transactions and lead generation inquiries, increasing online bookings, and encouraging more sign-ups for CRM data collection.

Decoding Future-Forward Multi-Channel Integration:

    Multi-channel signifies the variety of digital avenues available to interact with your target audiences. While many channels exist, strategic application is key to their success.
    Integration ensures your channels operate harmoniously, not separately. These channels must align with different stages of the user journey, guiding towards conversion.
    To optimize results and conversions, it's crucial to broadcast your message consistently across multiple channels - tailoring it to suit the unique stages of the user journey.

To get better results and to increase conversions, it's imperative to repeat your message across multiple channels, while integrating your message to appeal to the the different stages of the user journey.

Multi-channel integrated marketing is scientific, accountable, and measurable - with PHENOMENAL RESULTS!




Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.


“bPUBLIC's partnership with 8x8 stands as a testament to our ability to drive sales and foster success. As one of the top three sales channels for 8x8, we earned high praise from the executive leadership at 8x8. Meagan Thai, National Partner Manager, highlighted our dedication and flexibility, stating bPUBLIC "was one of my top producing partners for Hosted VoIP services for many years." Senior Sales Director Paul Binder acknowledged our "knack for inspiring and driving the most sales," while David Immethun, Sr. Director of Sales, praised our meticulous business development. Together, these endorsements affirm bPUBLIC's commitment to deliver exceptional results.”

Senior Leaders

at 8x8 Inc. - an American provider of Voice over IP products


“bPUBLIC has been instrumental in propelling our clinic, Ultimate Bariatrics, to unprecedented heights of success in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When we began our journey with bPUBLIC, we were receiving a mere fraction of the leads that we see today. Now, our clinic is one of the largest and most successful in the region, consistently fully booked with appointments. This transformation is a direct result of bPUBLIC's cutting-edge technology and strategic approach. They never just meet the mark - they consistently go above and beyond. Our success story speaks volumes about their expertise and dedication.”

Dr. Adam Smith

Founder at Ultimate Bariatrics


“Working with bPUBLIC has revolutionized the way we approach marketing at Nation's Pure Water Systems. They've ushered us into the era of multi-channel marketing, executing campaigns that are nothing short of impressive. Their mastery in lead generation has filled the bPUBLIC CRM with potential customers, enabling us to reach out to prospects we would have otherwise missed. The re-marketing and re-targeting campaigns they've implemented have delivered stellar results, far exceeding our expectations. bPUBLIC's expertise and innovative approach have made a significant impact on our business, driving leads and boosting our overall performance.”

Cara Lionberger

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Ways we target your ideal audience

Artboard 3

Identity Resolution

Convert 35-75% of web visitors into qualified leads - matched to over 1 trillion daily behaviors.

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Automated Email

Within 90 seconds of being on your website, we can email your website visitors. 

Phone Follow-Up

Auto-call your website visitors after they have been identified by our ID pixel technology. 

Auto-Direct Mail

Automatically send your website visitors or leads a direct mail piece for even better results.

Leads-To-Ad Campaigns

Boost ad performance by automatically retargeting your visitors & leads - without cookies!

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Search Results

Get your website seen in search results, whether by paid ads or organically via SEO.

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Location Based Targeting

Reach your audience where they are with location-based tactics, like geofencing & geoframing.

Cross Device Targeting

Reach your audience on multiple devices with cross-device targeting: phone, TV & more.



Raise brand awareness by retargeting prospects with ads to increase their effectiveness.

Data Targeting

Data targeting employs third-party data to build relevant and scalable custom audiences.

Audio & Podcasts

Get your ads on Spotify, Triton, and TargetSpot, targeted to relevant locations and audiences.

Connected TV

Get your ads on all of the major networks and streaming services for a fraction of the cost.

Contextual Categories

Advertise on the relevant websites visited by your customers.

IP Address Targeting

Target campaigns to IP address that indicate the location of the user. We can target these.

Native Advertising

Entice customers with informative content that directs to relevant materials.

CRM Onboarding

Uncover your most valuable customers and create highly-targeted custom audiences. 


Market Data Targeting

Target based on individual interests, demographics, purchase behavior. 

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