We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!


Convert New B2C Customers, Reactivate Old Ones, Make More Money & Stand Out From The Crowd!


Convert New B2C Customers, Reactivate Old Ones, Make More Money & Stand Out From The Crowd!

Reach The Right Consumers & Accelerate Your Company's Growth.

Scale your sales with our data-driven multi-channel marketing process. Making more sales doesn't require being pushy, needy, or obnoxious. Instead, turn the tables and have your prospects practically begging to take their money.


B2C Business Category Examples


Local Retail

Real Estate Sales

Mortgages & Finance



Pet Industries

Residential Utilities

Consumer Finance

Home Goods


Auto Sales


Consumer Insurance


Residential Construction


Salons / Spas

Consumer Attorneys



Consumer IT

Home Security

Senior Care


Auto Mechanics

Private Schools / Daycare


Consumer Electronics

Funeral Services

Storage Facilities


Residential Movers

First, we IDENTIFY your best prospects & then guide them through the 3 Phases...

Because it's the most effective plan for business marketing success.

The "Before" Phase


We identify your target prospects, craft a compelling message for them, and then deliver it.

Target Market

We start by identify your target audience according to their buyer intent and visit data.

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    Fundamental to marketing success is the ability to identify your target audience. Everything else flows from this most crucial step. Who are the people most likely to pay for the product or service you offer? Using our TruClick Identity Resolution technology, we can identify those who already show interest in your business and those who show interest in your competitors! This knowledge gives us the inside track to present your offer at the right time: while your prospects demonstrate an intent to purchase. Strike while the fire is hot! That said, in some cases, your prospects are only gathering information and aren't quite ready to purchase. When they are ready to buy, however, a database of leads (see the "During" Phase below) puts your business front-and-center, guiding each prospect to choose you.

Message To Market

We craft the perfect message for your ideal audience of prospects.

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    Don't be boring. This phase is where you can stand out from the crowd with a marketing message that grabs the attention of your target audience and compels them to respond. It begins with writing one ad to achieve one objective. Don't try to sell all things to all people. Rather, outline your ideal prospect's needs, problems, as well as their emotions. Doing this allows your message to resonate and form a deeper connection with your prospect than will those ads that brag about "features" and things the prospect doesn't care about. To be successful, your message needs to do the following: (1) Draw ATTENTION by stating the biggest benefit - tell what problem your product solves; (2) Generate INTEREST by giving reasons to care about what you have to say; (3) Highlight the PROBLEMS they are dealing with and how those problems only grow worse by not taking action; (4) Introduce the SOLUTION to the problem so they will sit up and take notice; (5) Finally, show off your CREDIBILITY - why they should believe you; (6) Provide PROOF your solution works; (7) Expand on all the ways your solution BENEFITS your prospect; (8) Present your full OFFER: the deliverables, features, benefits, price, terms, guarantees, bonuses, and reasons why to act now; (9) Give a CALL TO ACTION; (10) WARN what will happen in the future if they fail to take action in the present; (11) Give URGENT reasons to respond NOW; (12) Motivate further by RE-STATING BENEFITS so they will be led to take action; (13) Encourage with your FINAL CALL TO ACTION, directing their next step: click the button, make a phone call, enter details, press submit, etc.

Media for Market

We select the best channels to reach your target audience with your message.

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    What will be the vehicle that drives your advertising success? After we have defined and located your target market and crafted your message to them, it is time to start communicating. Since this tends to be the most expensive aspect of your campaign, it is important to manage each step to get a good return on investment. This phase is where multichannel marketing comes into play, piping your prospects into each appropriate channel, whether that be: (1) cold email outreach; (2) SMS/telephone calls; (3) direct mail; or digitally, via (4) social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok); or (5) search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo); and (6) Connected TV/streaming services. The key is to appear where your best prospects spend their time.

The "During" Phase


We capture your leads in a database and keep reminding them of your value-offer until they are finally converted into customers.

Lead Capture

We ensure your marketing success by adding your prospects into a database for retargeting.

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    Your success requires the ability to automatically identify leads when they come to your website and the ability to know who has been visiting your competitors. These will be your warm leads, but they differ from those who have opted into your marketing pipeline. Therefore, it is ideal to have two databases store them. There's a right way for this and a wrong way. One database is needed to store the brand-new leads and those who haven't yet opted-in. The other list contains those who have opted into your CRM or email marketing funnel. With these lead lists, we build automations that push your audience to your various marketing channels. Doing this lowers your campaign spend because a "custom audience" file translates into relevance for those to whom you show ads.

Lead Nurture

We then nurture your prospects from having only a vague interest to having a real desire for your offer.

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    With a database of high-probability prospects, our job is to reach out to them continually until they make a purchase. Making money is in the follow-up. Some statistics show that it can take up to 12 contacts with a prospect before they convert to a paying customer. This reality is why multi-channel marketing is so important to your success. It provides the most opportunities for reaching a prospect throughout their journey. We retarget them where they spend time: as they search online, while they are on their favorite social media platforms, or via a call from your sales rep, SMS messages, or direct mail. We automate this continuous follow-up mechanism for you to build a pipeline of motivated and highly interested prospects who will eventually become paying customers.

Sales Conversion

To convert sales, we nurture your leads by fostering their trust and demonstrating value.

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    The marketing process eventually brings us to the selling process. As the business pioneer Peter Drucker put it: the job of marketing is to make selling unnecessary. Everything should already be in place by the time the prospect reaches this stage. By now, the prospect's desire for a result should be a demand. All we should have to do at this point is introduce the offer while aiming to make it so irresistible that your prospect would feel embarrassed turning it down. They should already realize how it will solve their problem and improve their life. Your offer should be a no-brainer, providing the prospect every reason to say, "I'd be crazy to pass on this opportunity!"

The "After" Phase


Deliver on your promise, deepen your customer relationships, and get them referring your business to others.

Over Deliver

We help you deliver a stellar experience to inspire repeat buyers and raving fans.

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    Don't stop marketing to your prospect after they convert into a customer. The idea isn't to get one customer and then move on to the next, but for them to create ongoing revenue. You want them so happy they tell everyone about their positive experience. The marketing process only begins after converting a prospect into a paying customer. First, this involves assisting your new customers in achieving what they are after by buying your product or service. The goal should be for them to achieve results. You don't want them to buy your solution and then fail to implement it. If that happens, you can likely kiss "goodbye" to any future purchases from them. Not only that, but they won't recommend you -- and, even worse, they might label your business as a scam! To prevent this, offer turn-key solutions that aid your customers as they implement the desired result. If you help your customers achieve their goals, there will be big payoffs for both of you!
    Therefore, you must transform your business from high-pressure sales tactics to education-based marketing, teaching your customers to achieve their goals. When you take this approach, you invest in building deeper relationships with your clients as a trusted advisor rather than as a mere salesperson. First, position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Then, go where the real money is by becoming a content creator instead of a content consumer. Produce problem-solving YouTube videos. Start a blog or a newsletter mailing list, or a podcast. By doing so, you can teach your audience how much difficulty goes into delivering your product and service. This phase is where the client notices your knowledge and skills, building trust in you as their trusted advisor. In addition to a sales and marketing system, you need systems to handle customer fulfillment and administration. Customers don't know how good your product or service is until they take steps to implement their purchase.

Lifetime Value

We turn your one-off purchases into residual profits by mining each customer's lifetime value.

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    Get your customers to buy more from you with the right technologies, strategies, and tactics to keep them loyal and happily served. The best place to start is by reactivating your inactive customers from your database or CRM via a retargeting campaign that reaches them wherever they are, online or off. We influence them back into their customer journey to do more business with you. Of course, we also do this with your more recent customers via social media, search engines, Connected TV, USPS mail, SMS/voice campaigns, or something else. We constantly pipe your audience of website visitors (via a live-"Custom Audience File") into your retargeting campaigns in real-time. This tactic lowers your overall Cost-Per-Click by serving ads to the most relevant audience possible!


We make referrals a more reliable aspect of your marketing process.

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    You must have a deliberate system to make referrals happen. Even with a great product or service, you can't rely on word-of-mouth for your success. It's too passive. And if you want to explode your profits, passivity is the exact wrong approach to take. Referrals are something you must actively orchestrate and stimulate. You're going to need a robust referral marketing system. People make referrals because they want others to have the same great experience. They also make referrals because it makes them feel good for having provided a real solution and feel good for having helped. By putting a system around referral generation, we can dramatically increase the reliability of getting word-of-mouth marketing. One way is to make it easy for your customers to make referrals with a platform designed for that purpose. If you want to go beyond that, we can set up an affiliate program whereby your customers (and others) can refer your products and services to earn commissions. There are many options to cover this stage, but we will need to discuss with you to determine the best tactics and strategies.

What would doubling (or even tripling) your conversion rate do for your bottom line?

The conversion rate for the average website is only around 2% - meaning 98% of campaign budget gets wasted. Only a small fraction of visitors complete a form, call your number, or make a purchase. That means, if you spend $10,000 on visitors, you have effectively flushed $9,800 down the drain. But there's good news: We identify 40-80% of your traffic by name! By putting our code on your website, we not only tell you the names of your visitors, but their mailing address, phone number(s), email address(es), LinkedIn profile, and more than 500 consumer parameters, like income, address, credit score, etc. - data that fuels powerful campaigns, boosting conversions and scaling your business!

Never again let a good prospect get away.

Let's Boost Your Profits!

Marketing Success Depends On Targeted Data

We feed your campaigns fully verified first-party data to super-charge your opportunity pipeline!



Feed your Lead Machine.

Our ID Pixel technology resolves the identity of up to 70% of your site visitors using our database of over 270 million contacts tracking more than 5 billion daily behaviors.


Optimize your advertising.

We funnel high-intent contacts to your CRM on an endless loop, keeping them piped into your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google AdWords and more.


Enhance your outreach.

We deploy custom SMS, Email & LinkedIn campaigns to reach your visitors across multiple channels. Get your business in front of qualified leads, wherever they may roam.


On-Demand Audiences.

We provide thousands of Intent-matched propects served up on a CRM platter from our first-party database to kick your outreach efforts into contextual high-gear.


Meaningful Traffic.

Flood your website with high-intent prospects looking for what you offer. This is where your prospects get educated and led to your product or service to solve their problem.


Get More Qualified Leads On-Time & On-Demand.Spend less while selling more.SCALE YOUR BUSINESS & BOOST PROFITS!

That's the bPUBLIC way!

b2c marketing	bPUBLIC Digital Agency

Leading-Edge Omni-Channel Marketing for Business-to-Consumer

In a bustling B2C market, accurate data becomes your compass for navigating towards highly-profitable campaigns. By pinpointing your ideal prospects, we can orchestrate a transformative journey, turning them into your devoted customers.

The primary objective for B2C marketing and sales is to cultivate a thriving customer base. Our strategies are sculpted around this crucial aim, concentrating on direct sales techniques that project potent and succinct messages to convert prospects into paying customers. We encourage a diverse blend of channels for a comprehensive omni-channel approach.

Our advanced B2C outreach campaigns predominantly leverage the following channels:

    Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more) - for an immersive digital experience.
    SMS and voicemail drops - to reach your customers directly on their preferred devices.
    Direct-mail via USPS - adding a tactile and personal element to your messaging.
    Cold email follow-ups - to continue the dialogue and nurture the relationship.

With bPUBLIC's leading-edge, omni-channel approach to B2C marketing, you're not just preparing for the future, you're driving it. Watch as prospects evolve into loyal customers through our cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Multi-channel integrated marketing is scientific, accountable, and measurable - with PHENOMENAL RESULTS!




Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.


“bPUBLIC's partnership with 8x8 stands as a testament to our ability to drive sales and foster success. As one of the top three sales channels for 8x8, we earned high praise from the executive leadership at 8x8. Meagan Thai, National Partner Manager, highlighted our dedication and flexibility, stating bPUBLIC "was one of my top producing partners for Hosted VoIP services for many years." Senior Sales Director Paul Binder acknowledged our "knack for inspiring and driving the most sales," while David Immethun, Sr. Director of Sales, praised our meticulous business development. Together, these endorsements affirm bPUBLIC's commitment to deliver exceptional results.”

Senior Leaders

at 8x8 Inc. - an American provider of Voice over IP products


“bPUBLIC has been instrumental in propelling our clinic, Ultimate Bariatrics, to unprecedented heights of success in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When we began our journey with bPUBLIC, we were receiving a mere fraction of the leads that we see today. Now, our clinic is one of the largest and most successful in the region, consistently fully booked with appointments. This transformation is a direct result of bPUBLIC's cutting-edge technology and strategic approach. They never just meet the mark - they consistently go above and beyond. Our success story speaks volumes about their expertise and dedication.”

Dr. Adam Smith

Founder at Ultimate Bariatrics


“Working with bPUBLIC has revolutionized the way we approach marketing at Nation's Pure Water Systems. They've ushered us into the era of multi-channel marketing, executing campaigns that are nothing short of impressive. Their mastery in lead generation has filled the bPUBLIC CRM with potential customers, enabling us to reach out to prospects we would have otherwise missed. The re-marketing and re-targeting campaigns they've implemented have delivered stellar results, far exceeding our expectations. bPUBLIC's expertise and innovative approach have made a significant impact on our business, driving leads and boosting our overall performance.”

Cara Lionberger

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Ways we target your ideal audience

Artboard 3

Identity Resolution

Convert 35-75% of web visitors into qualified leads - matched to over 1 trillion daily behaviors.

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Automated Email

Within 90 seconds of being on your website, we can email your website visitors. 

Phone Follow-Up

Auto-call your website visitors after they have been identified by our ID pixel technology. 

Auto-Direct Mail

Automatically send your website visitors or leads a direct mail piece for even better results.

Leads-To-Ad Campaigns

Boost ad performance by automatically retargeting your visitors & leads - without cookies!

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Search Results

Get your website seen in search results, whether by paid ads or organically via SEO.

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Location Based Targeting

Reach your audience where they are with location-based tactics, like geofencing & geoframing.

Cross Device Targeting

Reach your audience on multiple devices with cross-device targeting: phone, TV & more.



Raise brand awareness by retargeting prospects with ads to increase their effectiveness.

Data Targeting

Data targeting employs third-party data to build relevant and scalable custom audiences.

Audio & Podcasts

Get your ads on Spotify, Triton, and TargetSpot, targeted to relevant locations and audiences.

Connected TV

Get your ads on all of the major networks and streaming services for a fraction of the cost.

Contextual Categories

Advertise on the relevant websites visited by your customers.

IP Address Targeting

Target campaigns to IP address that indicate the location of the user. We can target these.

Native Advertising

Entice customers with informative content that directs to relevant materials.

CRM Onboarding

Uncover your most valuable customers and create highly-targeted custom audiences. 


Market Data Targeting

Target based on individual interests, demographics, purchase behavior. 

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