We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

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Brad Edwards | bPUBLIC

Our Founder & Agency

Brad Edwards is the CEO/Founder of bPUBLIC. An entrepreneur, international speaker, and sales trainer, his previous enterprise, Telebay (operating alongside bPUBLIC), was a “Top 3” master agency for multiple telecoms, including 8x8 and Trinsic, with a powerful sales force of more than 25,000 independent representatives worldwide. This experience was the start of bPUBLIC as a marketing agency, designed to serve the needs of local businesses, as well as national corporations. After all, Telebay’s success required ranking services in local search results by service availability in geographic regions throughout the USA, an ability desperately sought for marketing to local regions.
In 2014, as an early blockchain pioneer, the Start-Up Chile program honored Brad for his vision to automate crypto payments according to business logic allowing for the creation of autonomous organizations. Inspired by blockchain technology and the concept of distributed databases, Brad recognized Identity Graphs as the means to solve digital marketing’s biggest problems. After the iOS15 update in 2021, his team invested heavily to create a state-of-the-art Identity Graph containing more than 300 million live profiles and tracking 1.9 trillion behaviors per minute. Rather than rely on outdated cookies, the Identity Graph matches device information with owner identities to offer precise targeting. This breakthrough allows bPUBLIC to unlock 30x more data than ANY other tracking method, cutting digital ad costs by as much as 50%.
Over the years, bPUBLIC has helped B2B and B2C clients generate millions of dollars in revenue. Moreover, it comprises more than five hundred remote marketing experts and over two thousand design and video professionals who collaborate to deliver “big agency” results at a fraction of the cost.
Whether you are a start-up, a Fortune 500, or a locally owned small-to-medium sized business, bPUBLIC has the technology, expertise, and ability to scale your business to new heights!