We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!


Pack Your CalendarWith High-Ticket Prospects & Predictably Drive More Revenue!


Pack Your CalendarWith High-Ticket Prospects & Predictably Drive More Revenue!

Get Highly-Profitable, Qualified, Sales Appointments.

Our data-driven, multi-channel outbound process will scale your sales efforts. Flood your calendar with qualified appointments, turbo-boost your revenue, and profitably scale your business.


B2B Business Category Examples


Online Programs

Real Estate & Lending

Coaching & Consulting

Private Equity

Business Loans

Energy Production

Fin-Tech & Insure-Tech


Credit Card Processing

Venture Capital / M&A

Managed IT Services

Video Production

Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Mass Media / Radio & TV

Manufacturing & Supply

Business Attorneys

Payroll Providers

Commercial Accounting

Computer Hardware

Office Security

Information Technology

High-Ticket Ecommerce

Commercial Construction

Business & Sales Training

Identifying Your Prospects Is Our Foundation For Marketing Success


Our 7-Step Process


RUN THE NUMBERS: We predict your ROI by calculating for probabilities and profit.

The first step to every great outreach campaign is calculating your growth potential. Sales is a numbers game. Therefore, when we know your financial goals, profit margin, and average close rate, we can determine the number of prospects needed for outreach. Doing this helps eliminate risk and results in a hyper-profitable campaign.

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    To achieve unprecedented sales success, we calculate:● The exact steps needed to hit your revenue goals● The capital impact on your equity position if you are an owner in the company● The reasonable expectation for success or failure in your outreach endeavor● Where every KPI (Key Performance Indicator) needs to be, as well as the impact of optimizing those KPIs● The amount of profit you can expect to generate according to conservative metrics for success


LEAD DATA RESEARCH: We research and compile your ideal lead list for outreach.

Our database of more than 700 million B2B contacts worldwide is the foundation for assembling your ideal customer profile. We use this data to create a list of your ideal leads. Over time, the list adapts according to performance indicators to deliver incrementally better results, month after month. We even identify website traffic by the individual to personalize your outreach. 

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    During onboarding, we determine your Ideal Customer Profile (your ICP) to know precisely who you want to book appointments with. We then LOCATE these prospects via a combination of:● Firmographics - i.e. title, industry, seniority, etc.● Technographics - i.e. based on what devices they use.● Intent graph - i.e. based on who is actively searching online for solutions like yours.We invest in the most premium data available and prequalify each lead before prospecting to them.First, you complete an onboarding form to tell us exactly who you want to reach.Second, we identify your leads with firmagraphics and go about building our intent pool.Third, we weigh each contact against your ICP and begin prospecting.


MULTI-CHANNEL OUTREACH: We establish your outbound infrastructure.

Email serves as the backbone for your B2B outreach. Therefore, success means you must stay off backlists and spam boxes. For that reason, we developed our cold email server and warm-up process that practically eliminates the spam problem to achieve high deliverability for your messages.

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    Before beginning outreach, we ensure the following elements are properly established:
    ● Burner Domain(s) acquired
    ● Set-up outbound email with proper forwarding
    ● Domain warm-up to keep emails out of SPAM
    ● Properly authorized DMARC, DKIM, and SPF
    ● Weekly SPAM monitoring
    ● We provision enterprise grade VPNs
    ● We authenticate LinkedIn account


PERSONALIZATION: We write custom messages to reach your prospects.

After manually researching each prospect, we employ Artificial Intelligence to help write thousands of personalized messages to introduce you to your audience properly. Campaigns see a 10x improvement in booked appointments when they include personalized first lines. It works by having our AI scan the Internet to gather information about each of your leads, crafting the perfect introductory message.

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    Our experts will personalize your Email, LinkedIn, and Voicemail messages by writing a tailored first line for each prospect.Step 1 - You tell us all about your market.Step 2 - We draft your sales messages.Step 3 - You review the sales sequence with an opportunity to approve/edit before going live.


EXECUTION: We outline a clear plan for the execution of your outreach process.

Our outbound sales activity begins with laser-targeted precision with every prospect, directing them each along a pre-determined journey, from start to finish. Next, to book meetings, our team will receive and reply to the responses received from your various marketing channels and cold email outreach. Finally, our sales team will personally answer calls to book your appointments.

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    Optionally: We handle the appointment setting and you only have to close. In this model, our appointment setters handle the prospecting while your closers get the freedom to do what they do best: close deals!Our tightly controlled outreach process generates positive responses and get prospects booked. You’ll always be confident where your next deal will come from, knowing your calendar is always getting filled with new prospects. Step 1 - After a brief time to let your email accounts warm, we will execute your multi-channel campaign.Step 2 - We will merge our personalized first line with your campaign to begin putting together a list of common objections.Step 3 - After the prospect responds, we continue follow-up, turning responses into booked calls.We handle the responses, chase the leads, and book the calls.All you really have to do is close deals and make more money!


ADVERTISING: We target your prospects on a variety of channels.

We don't stop at email introductions. Not only do we reach out to your prospects by email, but through social media, as well: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google AdWords, Connected TV, and more! We do this according to your monthly marketing budget to strategically place your message wherever your leads spend time.

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    With this option, your ad campaigns get linked to your lead list as a Custom Audience file:1. We upload the lead list to all of your social media campaigns, banner networks, AdWords/Bing Search, ConnectedTV/Streaming/Podcasts, and more.2. The ID pixel we place on your website and/or landing page will resolve the identities of your traffic (providing you with each visitor's name, email, physical address, and more). We pipe these prospects to each of your campaigns for immediate retargeting.3. With the physical mailing address of each visitor, we send USPS mailings, such as a postcard, letter, or brochure, etc.


OPTIMIZATION: Always improving.

Tracking is the foundation for campaign optimization. Therefore, we track every metric for that purpose. We regularly calculate your campaign metrics, so you know the value generated by your campaign. Moreover, we conduct new split-testing monthly to optimize your campaign for maximum results. Data always drives our decisions to better position your campaign for constant improvement, month after month.

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    Lead reports ensure you are getting updated on campaign performance. We optimize every month, for the life of your campaign, so that you are always achieving the best possible results.● We update your lead tracker every day with your prospects' contact information so you always know how well your campaign is performing.● We also track every single reply generated so you will always have access to the leads who responded.● We regularly perform split-tests in every channel, allowing for total optimization to achieve the best possible metrics on your KPIs.As our work continues and the more split tests we run, the more fine-tuned your campaign will grow!

How much would it cost to implement this yourself?

Such an outreach campaign would literally require hundreds of hours every month. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you’d still have to spend to cover the cost of data and all required technologies. Hiring a team of Sales Development Reps would cost hundreds of thousands every year, and they would likely achieve less than a quarter of the output. Comparable marketing infrastructure would not only lack any personal touch or sales contact, but it would cost upward of $250,000-$500,000 yearly to cover ads, funnels, and internal ad management. 

Let's Get Started!


Futuristic Omni-Channel Marketing for Business-to-Business

In the rapidly advancing digital era, reliable data forms the bedrock of successful B2B engagement and advertising. By understanding your ideal prospects, we can architect a precise plan to transform them into loyal, paying customers.

B2B marketing outreach is driven by one core objective - to generate leads and bookings. To achieve this, we craft our strategies with this central aim in mind. Our focus is on outbound and direct marketing techniques, leveraging clear and concise messaging, cold calling, and LinkedIn connection requests targeted towards prospects identified through our comprehensive selection process.
We encourage you to explore a multitude of channels, encompassing both traditional and digital platforms, to broaden your reach and maximize your impact.
Our advanced B2B outreach campaigns predominantly revolve around the following channels:

    Cold email and LinkedIn outreach - connecting you directly with potential customers.
    SMS and voicemail drops - delivering your message straight to your prospect's device.
    Social media and banner ads - increasing your visibility in the digital landscape.
    Direct-mail follow-up via USPS - ensuring a personal touch in your communication.

With bPUBLIC's omni-channel approach to B2B marketing, you'll be future-ready, using innovative methods to stay ahead and achieve your business goals

Multi-channel integrated marketing is scientific, accountable, and measurable - with PHENOMENAL RESULTS!




Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.


“bPUBLIC's partnership with 8x8 stands as a testament to our ability to drive sales and foster success. As one of the top three sales channels for 8x8, we earned high praise from the executive leadership at 8x8. Meagan Thai, National Partner Manager, highlighted our dedication and flexibility, stating bPUBLIC "was one of my top producing partners for Hosted VoIP services for many years." Senior Sales Director Paul Binder acknowledged our "knack for inspiring and driving the most sales," while David Immethun, Sr. Director of Sales, praised our meticulous business development. Together, these endorsements affirm bPUBLIC's commitment to deliver exceptional results.”

Senior Leaders

at 8x8 Inc. - an American provider of Voice over IP products


“bPUBLIC has been instrumental in propelling our clinic, Ultimate Bariatrics, to unprecedented heights of success in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When we began our journey with bPUBLIC, we were receiving a mere fraction of the leads that we see today. Now, our clinic is one of the largest and most successful in the region, consistently fully booked with appointments. This transformation is a direct result of bPUBLIC's cutting-edge technology and strategic approach. They never just meet the mark - they consistently go above and beyond. Our success story speaks volumes about their expertise and dedication.”

Dr. Adam Smith

Founder at Ultimate Bariatrics


“Working with bPUBLIC has revolutionized the way we approach marketing at Nation's Pure Water Systems. They've ushered us into the era of multi-channel marketing, executing campaigns that are nothing short of impressive. Their mastery in lead generation has filled the bPUBLIC CRM with potential customers, enabling us to reach out to prospects we would have otherwise missed. The re-marketing and re-targeting campaigns they've implemented have delivered stellar results, far exceeding our expectations. bPUBLIC's expertise and innovative approach have made a significant impact on our business, driving leads and boosting our overall performance.”

Cara Lionberger

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Ways we target your ideal audience

Artboard 3

Identity Resolution

Convert 35-75% of web visitors into qualified leads - matched to over 1 trillion daily behaviors.

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Automated Email

Within 90 seconds of being on your website, we can email your website visitors. 

Phone Follow-Up

Auto-call your website visitors after they have been identified by our ID pixel technology. 

Auto-Direct Mail

Automatically send your website visitors or leads a direct mail piece for even better results.

Leads-To-Ad Campaigns

Boost ad performance by automatically retargeting your visitors & leads - without cookies!

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Search Results

Get your website seen in search results, whether by paid ads or organically via SEO.

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Location Based Targeting

Reach your audience where they are with location-based tactics, like geofencing & geoframing.

Cross Device Targeting

Reach your audience on multiple devices with cross-device targeting: phone, TV & more.



Raise brand awareness by retargeting prospects with ads to increase their effectiveness.

Data Targeting

Data targeting employs third-party data to build relevant and scalable custom audiences.

Audio & Podcasts

Get your ads on Spotify, Triton, and TargetSpot, targeted to relevant locations and audiences.

Connected TV

Get your ads on all of the major networks and streaming services for a fraction of the cost.

Contextual Categories

Advertise on the relevant websites visited by your customers.

IP Address Targeting

Target campaigns to IP address that indicate the location of the user. We can target these.

Native Advertising

Entice customers with informative content that directs to relevant materials.

CRM Onboarding

Uncover your most valuable customers and create highly-targeted custom audiences. 


Market Data Targeting

Target based on individual interests, demographics, purchase behavior. 

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