We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

On-Demand Video Production

Offering video production services—from initial concept to the final delivery—backed by our industry-leading methodology tailored to each stage of your business marketing funnel.

Hero Videos


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Post Only

Curated videos utilize existing assets including stock footage, product renderings, screen captures, and previously shot footage to create new content for your brand.

What's included:● Script● Storyboard● Voiceover● Footage sourcing*● 30-Second hero video

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Documentary Style

Live Action

Doc-Style videos feature real people, real places, and real stories. These videos are often captured at your location and highlight your team and customers.

Best For● Overview video of your brand or service● Event video● Testimonial video● Recruiting video
What's Included● 5-Hour production day● 2 Crew members● 30-Second hero video

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User Generated Content (UGC)

Live Action

UGC is created by your audience in a testimonial-style video designed to look like it was captured by the creator. These videos can feature your real customers, actors, or influencers.

Best For● Unboxing Videos● Testimonial Videos● Facebook and Instagram Ads● Retargeting
What's Included● Script● Virtual Director● Talent | Speaking● 30-Second hero video

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Scripted Cyc Wall

Live Action

Videos shot against a cyc wall create an ambiguous environment to showcase a product. They often combine product footage, testimonials, and light art direction.

Best ForRetail and ecommerce productsAttracting customers on paid channelsRetargetingBrands seeking a!ordable content
What's Included● Creative pre-production● 5-Hour production day● Studio Cyc Wall● 3 Crew members with equipment● Production Designer● Props● Hair and Makeup Artist● 1 Talent | Feature● 30-Second hero video

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Scripted | Studio Set

Live Action

Lifestyle videos on a studio set recreate real life to showcase a product or service in basic location environments like living rooms, bedroom, or small office.

Best For● Retail and e-commerce products● Attracting customers on paid channels● Crowdfunding videos● Brands seeking affordable content
What's Included● Creative pre-production● 5-Hour production day● Set Location● 3 Crew members with equipment● Production Designer● Props● Hair and Makeup Artist● 1 Talent | Feature● 30-Second hero video

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Scripted | On Location

Live Action

Lifestyle videos on location recreate real life to showcase a product or service. The story is often linear and is told through dialogue, monologue, or a scripted voiceover.

Best ForRetail and ecommerce productsPaid mediaBroadcast commercialsAll types of brands
What's Included● Creative pre-production● 10-Hour production day● Custom location● 5 Crew members with equipment● Production Designer● Props● Hair and Makeup Artist● 1 Talent | Feature● 30-Second hero video

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Post Only

Animated videos are comprised or 2D or 3D computer-generated imagery animated on screen to tell a story. They are often used to explain complex ideas in a simple way.

Best For● Explainer videos● Hardware● Software● Logisitics● Healthcare● Technology demos
What's Included● Script● Storyboard● Voiceover● 30-Second hero video
● Request custom quote for 3D animations.

Increase your conversions by 80% with Video!

Elevate the status of your marketing strategy and grow your business with video. Build your brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate sales with video. Your video should not only be compelling and professional, but it should uplift and entertain to connect emotionally with your audience. This approach gently conditions the viewer's mind to open, hear, and absorb your brand's story.

Did you know that:

    80% of people prefer videos over written text?
    72% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products and services?
    2 out of 3 consumers get purchase ideas watching videos?
    50% of online users search for product videos before they make a purchase?

Our Video Production Process

Get great designs from our community of professional designers.


PRE-PRODUCTION: Prepare Your Project.

Your video journey will begin with bPUBLIC, where we will kick off your project together and share the goals and details to set you up for success. Our production teams will get to work on your creative concept and the logistics required to bring your vision to life.


PRODUCTION: Lights, Camera, Action!

On production day, we’ll capture the footage we’ve laid out in your call sheet (based on your script/storyboard). If your project only requires animation, stock footage, or previously-shot footage, you’ll skip this step and move straight to post-production.


Post-Production: Finishing Touches.

Our editors will work their magic, carefully weaving your clips, audio, and graphics or effects into the perfect story. When you approve your video edit, we’ll deliver the final video files and celebrate another great project in the books!

Expand your brand with video by bPUBLIC

We have specific expertise in supporting businesses with video content from concept-to-execution. Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience for our clients on every project. We work directly with expert production crews operating in 70+ cities allowing us to reach even your most remote locations.


  • What if I’m not sure which video I need?

    Unlike other production companies focusing on execution, bPUBLIC offers expert recommendations to elevate your video marketing strategy. If you’re unsure what you need, we’ll ask a few questions in our initial consultation to ensure we point you in the right direction. Then, we can apply marketing data to optimize and align our approach with your goals.

  • I already know exactly what I want from my video. Can you just film and edit it?

    Absolutely. While many of our clients rely on our video expertise to develop a creative concept, others already have a brief and need an execution partner. We’ve succeeded with many world-class companies that already had detailed briefs when they started with us. As we see it, our role is to bring your creative vision to life as we exceed your wildest expectations. We always deliver.

  • Do I need more than one video?

    The number of videos you need depends on your goal and your budget. One video is better than no videos, of course. Though, as you can imagine, a series of videos can be even more effective. Clients often try to fit too much information into a single video, only to overwhelm and frustrate their viewers. We recommend keeping to one key goal/focus per video. Our Producers will work with you to develop a strategy that suits your organization’s goals and limitations.

  • Where can I publish my video once it is done?

    You can publish your video pretty much anywhere! We’ll work with you to discuss a distribution strategy that aligns with your goals. Our clients commonly share videos on website and product pages, social media platforms, CTV/OTT (streaming) channels, Broadcast TV, and other places that work with their video marketing strategies. 

  • How long does it take to produce a video?

    Your project’s timeline will depend on several factors, like how many videos you create, the length and complexity of your video, and how quickly your team provides feedback throughout the entire process. A typical production takes a few weeks to a few months to complete. However, we can often accommodate rush turnarounds, so make sure to share any deadlines with our team so we can create an appropriate timeline.

  • Do I need to hire actors, find locations, or bring props?

    No way! We’ll handle every pre-production detail for you. If you have specific actors, locations, or props in mind, we can almost always incorporate them. If not, however, we will tackle these logistics steps so your team doesn’t have to. Of course, we will need a sample of your product to film with product videos.

  • What happens if I need to reschedule the production?

    We understand that life happens, and sometimes, production plans need to change. Let your Project Manager know ASAP if we need to change any of the details around your production date. Our team will work with you to discuss options and will share any rescheduling fees for last-minute changes.

  • What cities can you film in?

    We have expert local production crews in over 70 cities worldwide. We only work with full vetted production teams and can deliver the same great experience in every location. Check out a map of our service areas below, and feel free to reach out if you need confirmation on whether your area is covered.

  • How can you ensure quality in every state?

    Our expert local production crews are the secret to our global success. bPUBLIC only works with fully vetted teams to ensure that we deliver the same great experience anywhere in the world. Our production teams are world-class at what they do.

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