We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our TruCLICK IDENTITY PIXEL Technology

  • Why does my match rate change?

    Match rate is based on two factors: devices matched and actual identities matched. Unfortunately we can only match so many devices as there are only so many devices available. That said, the identities matched is something we can always improve with more linkage data.

  • The names/emails are different to my actual opt-ins, why is that?

    The way we match profiles is based on household level data connected to devices - this is how most data providers in the industry will use PII (Personal Identifiable Information).
    For this reason, the first name, last name or actual emails may appear different to opt-ins you receive via ads as it could be multiple people using the same device or multiple profiles connected to that particular device ID. While it may seem odd, this will not affect the results of uploading the sha256/email data into custom audiences.

  • Am I billed based on usage or flat fee?

    Fortunately for you, we own all our own data outright and do not use third party API's. For this reason we are able to offer fixed plans without billing $0.25-$0.65 per email like most every other provider!

  • Is this legal? Can I get in trouble?

    Absolutely not. Major Fortune 500 companies use identity resolution to perfect and personalize their advertising. Everything done by bPUBLIC complies with all CAN-SPAM and the CDPA (Customer Data Protection Act).
    We store, collect, and use data in a compliant manner, though we do not have control over how you use the data in your marketing efforts.

  • Do you guarantee an ROI (Return on Investment) using our technology?

    We have people actively using our technology and producing 6-7 figures. While we know making an INSANE ROI is possible using the Ads Lab, we cannot guarantee every one who uses it will use it to its full potential and make an ROI. If you do not attend the workshops, don't use the playbooks and are not actively learning more about how to use the data then you likely won't have much luck selling it or have unhappy clients. We can only control so much - it is up to YOU to make the most of this technology by utilising all the resources given.

  • How is this any different to Hyros, Triple Whale or any of those other tracking tools. 

    Hyros, Triple Whale, and Segment (along with other tools) are focused on the attribution of ads. They use a form of print tracking to show you which ads produce sales. The TruCLICK ID Pixel is fundamentally different to any of these tracking tools, as we use an external "Identity Graph" consisting of trillions of data points, telling you not only what ad brought sales, but the actual name, number, email (and 1000+ other details) about the person who purchased. This not only helps you gain more visibility, but increases the match rate of ad platforms.

  • Who do I contact for concerns, questions etc?

    Best contact is our official support email - ten.cilbupb%40troppus - someone will make sure to always get back to you within 24 hours.

General Questions

  • How can AI and automation benefit my business?

    AI and automation can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. They can help you attract new customers, increase profits, streamline processes, and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

  • I'm new to digital marketing. How can bPUBLIC help?

    bPUBLIC is dedicated to guiding businesses, big or small, through the complexities of the digital marketing world. We'll work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a custom marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.

  • How does bPUBLIC approach SEO?

    We take a comprehensive approach to SEO, including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, content creation, and continuous monitoring and tweaking to ensure your website ranks high on search engine results.

  • How soon can I expect to see results?

    Digital marketing is a long-term investment. While some strategies may yield quick results, others, like SEO, take time to show significant improvements. We focus on delivering sustainable growth for your business over time.

  • Is bPUBLIC right for my business?

    If you're seeking to stay competitive, attract more customers, increase profits, and future-proof your business in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, bPUBLIC is the right choice. We work with businesses of all sizes across various industries.

  • How does bPUBLIC stay ahead of marketing trends?

    We continuously invest in learning and development. Our team stays updated with the latest marketing trends and innovations, especially in AI and automation, to ensure we provide our clients with the most effective and future-proof solutions.