We make your business everyone's business!

We make your business everyone's business!

Search Engine Optimization

Get Your Business on the First Page of Google and Keep It There!

Our team of experts starts every project with a comprehensive SEO audit to identify your business's strengths and weaknesses. From there, we create a customized plan designed specifically for you to help you achieve your SEO goals.

When it comes to SEO management services, the difference isn't in the services but in the people. With bPUBLIC's ProSEO, you get your own personalized support team of experts with years of experience in Reputation Management, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing, and PPC placement. They understand your goals, the challenges you're facing, and the financial limitations you may have. They work with you from the start and stay with you throughout, handling any "emergencies" and getting you to the head of the list and over the goal line no matter what.
Before spending a dime of your own or your client's money, you have the right to see a plan of action developed. With SmartSEO, you get a tailored SEO strategy for each site you manage, and work with your support team to hone it to razor sharpness and 100% transparency. Not a penny will be spent until you - and your client - approve the action plan. And if circumstances require, you can contact us anytime and request modifications without any cost.

What does Search Engine Optimization consist of?

With bPUBLIC's team of SEO veterans, we will plan, strategize, implement and manage your entire SEO campaign, month-over-month. Your account rep will work with you 1-on-1 to ensure we fully understand your goals. From there, we will design a customized plan to assist you in achieving those goals.

How it works.

  • On-Site Optimization (SEO)This is all about how positively or negatively your site is viewed when Google sends its digital "spiders" to review it.   

  • Content CreationThis ensures that Google consistently sees new and unique content published on your site that is precision-targeted to the type of visitors you want to attract.  

  • Link Acquisition Google considers a link from another authoritative and industry relevant website to be a "thumbs up" for your site. Generally speaking, the more links it sees, the more positively Google will view your site.  

  • Tailored SEO Strategy

    Get a customized plan to rank.

  • Dedicated Team

    Your own personal SEO team.

  • Transparent Reporting

    See every detail of your campaign.

We generally touch on the following areas with most sites:
● Website Optimization● Competitor Analysis● ProCONTENT Preparation● ProLINKS Outreach
Our writers are ALL U.S.-based, not off-shored, with English being their first and native language. They are experienced in SEO writing and are fully-vetted on their writing abilities before we hire them. They know how to observe deadlines and handle special niche issues whenever needed.
And a critical part of the ProLINKS strategy is to monitor those sites for changes, dropped links, hidden redirects and other foolishness. Your links will always be fresh and functioning. We have a HUGE inventory of sites, targeting a wide variety of topics/themes news and science sites, fashion, technology, gaming, DIY, B2B, educational and many more.
With ProREPORTING, you will always know the work that has been on your behalf. Our reporting mechanisms are completely customizable, adaptable in a variety of ways, and completely transparent. You can modify our reports as you see fit, just as if you had generated them yourself.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today to learn more and achieve your SEO goals.

Our Approach to SEO


Onsite Optimization

When we’re done with the idea, we move towards to prototyping. At this step, we implement all your instructions and requirements to the product prototype. You’ll see in detail how everything will look like when the product is released.


Intelligent Content

Simply put, we answer questions consumers have on Google about your products or service and we put those answers in a blog post on your site. This allows you to show up on Google anytime someone is searching for something related to your business. Our writers are all English-native speakers; so there are no worries about literacy


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Powerful Links

We have established relationships with thousands of high-profile site owners that will allow our clients to publish content on their site. We provide the written content for these site owners and, in return, we get your article featured on their website with a link pointing back to your website.


Transparent Reporting

With bPUBLIC SEO, we provide 100% transparent reporting so you will always know what’s happening.

3 Tips To Help Your Search Rankings

Using keywords to improve your SEO

One of the best ways to improve your SEO ranking is to use a variety of keywords for your business. These can be broken down into 3 primary areas: short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, and location-based keywords. Though you might be tempted to pick every possible keyword related to your business, doing this is considered "keyword stuffing" and is penalized by the search engines. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Stuffing your website with irrelevant or repetitive content can be very detrimental to your website's rank.
Aways consider the keywords that best describe what your business offers. What are your prospective customers searching for and, more specific, what keywords and phrases are they using? Using this information, we will conduct additional research for a custom SEO strategy to implement for your business's online success!